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Research in OOEM is focused on developing new methods of bottom-up and top-down techniques based on low-molecular and high-molecular nanomaterials to produce optimal nanostructures suitable for their applications to climate change and next-generation opto-electronic devices. For bottom-up method, we try to overcome the previous limitations of the existing technology by using nano-patterns and structure control using defects in liquid crystals and self-assembly of organic supramolecules. As a top-down method, secondary sputtering lithography was introduced for the first time to diversify the pattern size and shape that were difficult to produce in existing techniques. By utilizing these nanofabrication techniques, our group aims to develop optimal nanostructures for climate change and next-generation electronic devices issues. Applications in OOEM deals with high-performance carbon dioxide conversion/utilization catalysts, membrane for water shortage, gas sensors and sustainable energies. Our effort is focused on creating innovative breakthroughs and trying to apply our techniques to practical devices in the industry.

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