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Electroconversion of CO₂

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Since the utilization of fossil fuel in theindustry, huge amounts of CO2 have been emitted to atmosphere, resulting in the significant climate change. In previous efforts to solve the dramatic global climate change, the CCS (carbon capture and storage) technology has attracted many interests. Beyond the capture and storage of CO2, we will further develop a CO2 conversion technology by using electricity from sustainable energy toconvert CO2 to multi-carbon energy sources such as ethylene, ethanol and ethane. Efficient electrocatalyst should selectively produce these products by facilitating various CO2 conversion reaction barrier and inhibiting hydrogen evolution reaction. However, the electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 remains a challenge due to the low selectivity, productivity, complex mechanism of CO2 conversion to C2 products and stability issue. In our group, we are focusing on developing a highly efficient electrocatalyst for CO2 conversion through developing newmaterials and system with controlled nano-structures and surface chemistry.

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