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129 Jong-Seon Kim, Hwan-Jin Jeon, Hae-Wook Yoo, Youn-Kyoung Baek, Kyoung Hwan Kim, Dae Woo Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "Generation of Monodisperse, Shape-controlled Single and Hybrid Core-Shell nanoparticles via a Simple One-Step Process" , Advanced Functional Materials, 24, 841-847 , 2014
128 Cheng Jin An, Changsoon Cho, Jong Kil Choi, Jong-Min Park, Ming Liang Jin, Jung-Yong Lee and Hee-Tae Jung "Highly Efficient Top-Illuminated Flexible Polymer Solar Cells with a Nanopatterned 3-Dimensional Microresonant Cavity" ,  Small, 10, 1278-1283 , 2014
127 Kyoung Hwan Kim, MinHo Yang, Kyeong Min Cho, Young-Si Jun, Sang Bok Lee and Hee-Tae Jung "High quality reduced graphene oxide through repairing with multi-layered graphene ball nanostructures" , Scientific Reports, 3, 3251 , 2013
126 Dong Ki Yoon, Yun Ho Kim, Dae Seok Kim, Seong Dae Oh, Ivan I. Smalyukh, Noel A. Clark and Hee-Tae Jung "Three-Dimensional Textures and Defects of Soft Material Layering Revealed by Thermal Sublimation" , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110, 19263-19267 , 2013
125 Seon Joon Kim, Dae Woo Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "Key Growth Parameters Affecting the Domain Structure of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)-Grown Graphene on Nickel" , RSC Advances, 3, 22909-22913 , 2013
124 Dae Woo Kim, Jinsup Lee, Seon Joon Kim, Seokwoo Jeon and Hee-Tae Jung "The effects of the crystalline orientation of Cu domains on the formation of nanoripple arrays in CVD-grown graphene on Cu" ,  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1, 7819-7824 , 2013
123 Jong Min Ok, Yun Ho Kim, Hyeon Su Jeong, Hae-Wook Yoo, Jung Hyun Kim, Mohan Srinivasarao and Hee-Tae Jung "Control of Periodic Defect Arrays of 8CB (4'-n-octyl-4-cyano-biphenyl) Liquid Crystal by Multi-directional Rubbing" , Soft Matter, 9, 10135 , 2013
122 Hyeon Su Jeong, Sang Cheon Youn, Yun Ho Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "Orientation Control of Liquid Crystals using Carbon-Nanotube-Magnetic Particle Hybrid Materials" , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 9493-9497 , 2013
121 Jong-Min Park, Jong Kil Choi, Cheng Jin An, Ming Liang Jin, Sangwoo Kang, Juyoung Yun, Byung-Seon Kong and Hee-Tae Jung "Nanoporous SiCOH/CxHy dual phase films with an ultralow dielectric constant and a high Young's modulus" , Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1, 3414-3420 , 2013
120 Hwan-Jin Jeon, Hae-Wook Yoo, Eun Hyung Lee, Sung Woo Jang, Jong-Seon Kim, Jong Kil Choi and Hee-Tae Jung "Fabricatioin of complex 3-dimensional patterned structures on a ~10nm scale from a single master pattern by secondary sputtering lithography" , Nanoscale, 5, 2358-2363 , 2013
119 Hae-Wook Yoo, Yun Ho Kim, Jong Min Ok, Hyeon Su Jeong, Jung Hyun Kim, Baek Sik Son and Hee-Tae Jung "Plasmonic Three-Dimensional Dimpled Array from Highly Ordered Self-Assembled Liquid Crystal Defects" , Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1, 1434-1439 , 2013
118 Won Seock Kim, Kyoung Hwan Kim, Chang-Jae Jang, Hee-Tae Jung, Jung-Ju Lee "Micro- and nano-morphological modification of aluminum surface for adhesive bonding to polymeric composites" , Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 1-16 , 2013
117 Seung Bo Yang, Byung-Seon Kong, Hee-Tae Jung "Multistep Deposition of Gold Nanoparticles on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for High Performance Transparent Conducting Films" , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116(48), 25581-25587 (2012) , 2012
116 Jung Hyun Kim, Yun Ho Kim, Hyeon Su Jeong, Mohan Srinivasarao, Steve D. Hudson and Hee-Tae Jung "Thermally Responsive Microlens Arrays fabricated with the use of Defects arrays in a Smectic Liquid Crystal" , RSC advances, 2, 6729-6732 (2012) , 2012
115 Kyoung Hwan Kim, Youn-Kyoung Baek, Hwan-Jin Jeon, Mohan Srinivasarao, and Hee-Tae Jung "Cylindrical Posts of Ag/SiO2/Au Multi-segment layer Patterns for Highly Efficient Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)" , Nanotechnology, 23 (2012) , 2012
114 Hyeon Su Jeong, Hwan-Jin Jeon, Yun Ho Kim, Moon Bee Oh, Pankaj Kumar, Shin-Woong Kang and Hee-Tae Jung "Bifunctional ITO layer with a high resolution, surface nano-pattern for alignment and switching of LCs in device applications" , Nature Asia Materials(NPG Asia Materials), 4, e7 (2012) , 2012
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