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97 Youn-Kyoung Baek, Dae-Hwan Jung, Seung Min Yoo, Sunhaera Shin, Ju-Hyun Kim, Hwan-Jin Jeon, Yang-Kyu Choi, Sang Yup Lee and Hee-Tae Jung "Label-Free Detection of DNA Hybridization Using Pyrene-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Chemical Structures of Pyrene Molecules on DNA Sensing Performance" , Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11(5), 4210-4216 (2011) , 2011
96 Won-Seock Kim, Il-Han Yun, Jung-Ju Lee and Hee-Tae Jung "Evaluation of mechanical interlock effect on adhesion strength of polymer-metal interfaces using micro-patterned surface topography" , International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives , 30, 408-417 (2010) , 2010
95 Dong Ki Yoon, Jinhwan Yoon, Yun Ho Kim, M.C. Choi, Jehan Kim, Osami Sakata, Shigeru Kimura, Mahn Won Kim, Ivan I.Smalyukh, Noel A. Clark, Moonhor Ree and Hee-Tae Jung "Liquid-crystal periodic zigzags from geometrical and surface-anchoring-induced confinement: Origin and internal structure from mesoscopic scale to molecular level" , Physical Review E ,82,041705 (2010) , 2010
94 Hwan-Jin Jeon, Kyoung Hwan Kim, Youn-Kyoung Baek, Dae Woo Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "A new top-down approach for fabrication high-aspect-ratio complex nanostructures with 10 nm-scale features" , Nano Letters , 10(9), 3604-3610 (2010) , 2010
93 Ki Young Kwon, Seungbo Yang, Byung-seon Kong, Jungbae Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "High-performance biosensors based on enzyme precipitate coating in gold nanoparticle-conjugated single-walled carbon nanotube network films" , Carbon , 48(15), 4504-4509 (2010) , 2010
92 Youn-Kyoung Baek, Seung Min Yoo, Taejoon Kang, Hwan-Jin Jeon, Kyounghwan Kim, Ji-Sun Lee, Sang Yup Lee, Bongsoo Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "Large-Scale Highly Ordered Chitosan-Core-Au-Shell Nanopatterns with Plasmonic Tunability : A Top-Down Approach to Fabricate Core-Shell Nanostructure" , Advanced Functional Materials, 20, 4273-4278 (2010) (Selected in , 2010
91 Jianxin Geng, Leijing Liu, Seung Bo Yang, Sang Cheon Yoon, Dae Woo Kim, Ji-Sun Lee, Jong Kil Choi and Hee-Tae Jung "A Simple Approach for Preparing Transparent Conductive Graphene Filmes Using the Controlled Chemical Reduction of Exfoliated Graphene Oxide in an Aqueous Suspension" , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 114(34), 14433-14440 (2010) , 2010
90 Ki Young Kwon, Jongkyu Youn, Jae Hyun Kim, Yongjin Park, Chulmin Jeon, Byoung Chan Kim, Yongchai Kwon, Xueyan Zhao, Ping Wang, Byoung In Sang, Jinwoo Lee, Hyun Gyu Park, Ho Nam Chang, Taeghwan Hyeon, Su Ha, Hee-Tae Jung and Jungbae Kim "Nanoscale Enzyme Reactors in Mesoporous Carbon for Improved Performance and Lifetime of Biosensors and Biofuel Cells" , Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 26(2), 655-660 (2010) , 2010
89 Su-Kyong Lee, Jin-Mi Jung, Jisun Lee and Hee-Tae Jung "Fabrication of complex patterns with a wide range of feature sizes from a single line prepattern by successive application of capillary force lithography" , Langmuir , 26(17), 14359-14363 (2010) , 2010
88 Jianxin Geng, Byung-Seon Kong, Seung Bo Yang and Hee-Tae Jung "Preparation of graphene relying on porphyrin exfoliation of graphite" , Chemical Communications , 46, 5091-5093 (2010) , 2010
87 Yun Ho Kim, Hyeon Su Jeong, Jung Hyun Kim, Eun Kyoung Yoon, Dong Ki Yoon and Hee-Tae Jung "Fabrication of Two-Dimensional Dimple and Conical Microlens Arrays from a Highly Periodic Toroidal-Shaped Liquid Crystal Defect Array" , Journal of Materials Chemistry , 10, 6557-6561 (2010) , 2010
86 Seung Bo Yang, Byung-Seon Kong, Dae Woo Kim, Youn-Kyoung Baek and Hee-Tae Jung "The effect of Au Doping and Defects on the Conductuvity of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Transparent Conducting Network Films" , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 114(20) 9296-9300 (2010) , 2010
85 Jianxin Geng and Hee-Tae Jung "Porohyrin Functionalized Graphene Sheets in Aqueous Suspensions:From the Preparation of Graphene Sheets to Highly Conductive Graphene Film" , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 114(18), 8227-8234, (2010) (The TOP 5 most accessed articles published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A,B,C and Letters during the second quarter of 2010) , 2010
84 Jay Hyun Lee, Shinuk Cho, Anshuman Roy, Hee-Tae Jung and Alan J.Heeger "Enhanced Diode Characteristics of Organic Solar cells using Titanium Sub-Oxide Electron transport Layer" , Applied Physics Letters , 96(16), 163303 (2010) , 2010
83 Seung Bo Yang, Byung-Seon Kong, Dae-Woo Kim and Hee-Tae Jung "Comparison of The Stability of Surface-Modified SWNTs and DWNTs Network Films" , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114(10), 4394-4398 (2010) , 2010
82 Yun Ho Kim, Dong Ki Yoon, Hyeon Su Jeong and Hee-Tae Jung "Self assembled periodic liquid crystal defects array for soft lithographic template" , Soft Matter, 6, 1426-1431 (2010) , 2010
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