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Term presentation (revised)
이름 OOEM ( 작성일 16-05-15 14:50 조회 451

As professor noticed in today class, our term presentation date is changed to Dec. 08, 2016 (6:00 PM ~12:00 PM)
Please submit final version of PPT until Dec. 04, 11:59 pm

In addition, dinner will be provided before presentation start (5:30 pm)
Please come to room #1119 by 5:30pm
Term paper (2016-fall)
Choose the appropriate papers or articles or books regarding “determination of real structures from reciprocal space analysis of nanostructure materials”, and give a presentation (submit PPT file to TA).
The students can choose any nanostructure materials including bio-related structured materials, nano-particles, nano-fabrications, polymer nano-structures, nano-processing, molecular assembly and carbon nanostructures.
-          Example: Ungar et al. JACS, 119, 1539 (1997)
-          Submission of PPT Deadline: Dec. 04, 2016 (to TA: Soo-Yeon Cho
-          Presentation: Dec. 08, 2016 (6:00 PM ~12:00PM), 10min/each (# of slide ~10)
-          Deep understanding of the article [relation b/w real space and reciprocal space] is the most important for good grade (Term paper: 25%, Attendance: 5%, Final: 70%).

Wish your best luck